13thirty Rochester Program Offerings

13thirty - Young AdultsYoung Adults (ages 20-30)

Dealing with cancer as a young adult is exhausting as you juggle a career, education, families, and other adult responsibilities. Our young adults come from all backgrounds -- from childhood cancer survivors to recent diagnoses. But our programs connect those journeys and create friendships of understanding and encouragement, no matter where the journey has taken them!

13thirty - TeensTeens (ages 13-19)

Our teens meet for regularly scheduled activities with other teens who “get it.” The unique challenges of teen cancer are diminished as teens enjoy programs designed just for them. A teen leadership team keeps it right - and real. At 13thirty, fears and dreams are shared, laughter is frequent and there is no such thing as a bad hair day!

13thirty - ParentsParent's Circle

The parents enjoy the same peer support as their children. Parenting is hard enough without cancer clouding the picture. Information about their children’s treatment and long-term care clears confusion and sharing common experience relieves stress. At 13thirty, parents make new friends and learn how to cope with being a caregiver.

Community Leadership

13thirty brings its voice to your advocacy efforts. By partnering with 13thirty, your institution will be a leader in the provision of support for AYAs with cancer. Our fundraising initiatives in local schools help with funding and community presentations highlight your proactive response to AYA cancer.